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                                                          LETTER FROM HEAVEN

Hi, it’s me.  I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I’m OK.  I made it here fine and was met by so many of our loved ones who showed me around and helped me to get settled in my new “home”.

The strangest part about my passing is I don’t feel gone from you.  I do hear you talk to me, and I am trying to get you to feel my presence.  Please know I am working hard to let you know I’m still there.  I am trying to give you signs, as many as I can, but I need you to lift your expectation of what my sign to you will be and expect the unexpected!  I promise signs will come when you need them, just keep yourself open to what they may be.

Please understand that feelings like guilt, anger, regret, immense sadness, and grief sometimes builds a barrier between us which makes it hard for me to connect to you.  I understand that these emotions are a part of your grief, however, my hope is that you could replace some of that grief with memories of our good times together.  If you can try harder to let go of those feelings that may be holding you down and putting up a block for me, I know I will be able to come to you more easily.   Please laugh and celebrate life again because this will help us to connect and when you are doing this I will still be right there beside you doing the same!

It was my time to go and no, you could not have saved me, no, you shouldn’t have done more, and yes, you made the right decisions.  I know you did all you could and should have for me and I want you to understand this, too because there was nothing more that you could have done for me.  Everything truly happened as it was meant to happen when I was ready to pass over so please let go of the guilt and blame you may have.  

I want you to know that I am now with those who had passed before and that I have missed so very much!  I am at peace, I have found the rest I was looking for and I’m healed from all that made my life so hard.  My new “home” is amazing and when you come to join me and our loved ones you will see that Heaven is something that words could never describe and that love is all that truly matters now!  

And now I want to thank you for letting me be in your life and for loving me. Until we meet again, promise me that you will love with all your heart, forgive in ways you thought not possible, release anger that no longer serves you and at the end of the day I would love for you to honor my memory by finding joy again!    
Love always…….Me

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